About the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation

The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (NHLC) strengthens and enhances the lives of Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian communities through rigorous and dedicated protection and recovery of ancestral and trust lands, natural resources, and the preservation of customs and practices vital to the perpetuation of Hawai`i’s indigenous people.

NHLC carries out its mission by integrating native values into the practice of western law and jurisprudence.

NHLC was founded by several grass roots leaders in 1974. NHLC initially operated as a volunteer-run referral service but high demand for direct help, especially from families who needed legal assistance in protecting their lands, transformed NHLC into a law firm that now provides low cost legal help to approximately 700 clients annually.

NHLC would not exist without the generous donations and dedicated volunteers who work and advocate tirelessly for Native Hawaiians. Help us with our mission to serve Native Hawaiian communities by donating or volunteering.




Your donation will enable the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation to provide effective, low cost legal assistance to individuals, families and communities who seek to protect their traditional cultural practices and maintain their ancestral ties to their lands and natural resources.


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