• Board Members

    The Board of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation provides leadership and raises funds for the organization. Each board member serves a term limited to three consecutive two year terms.

    • Roy Catalani, President
    • Robert Merce, Vice President & Secretary
    • Kevin Cockett
    • Mike Hodson
    • Malia Ka`aihue
    • Marilyn Leimomi Khan
    • Gina Lobaco
    • Jon Matsuoka
    • Mark Kawika Patterson
    • Teresa Tico
    • Sunshine Topping



    NHLC recently welcomed three individuals to its Board: Kevin Cockett, Marilyn Leimomi Khan and Sunshine Topping. 

    Board members Kevin Cockett, Marilyn Leimomi Khan and Sunshine Topping explain why they wanted to serve on NHLC’s Board.

  • Kevin Cockett

    Vice President of Communications and Chief Communications Officer

    Kamehameha Schools


    ​It’s clear to me that the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation as an organization has aloha for all people of Hawaii.  I also strongly believe that if our Native Hawaiian people, culture and our ʻaina are healthy, so too is the health of our broader community.  I joined the board of the NHLC so that I could be part of their movement to serve and protect Hawaiian families who need access to legal services and advocacy, particularly in areas of land, cultural vibrancy and customary practices.    It is a privilege to contribute to NHLC’s mission and work.

  • Marilyn Leimomi Khan

    Hawaiian Civic Club President 

    I volunteered to serve on the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation Board of Directors because I fervently believe in their mission to perpetuate, through legal and other advocacy, the rights, customs and practices that strengthen Native Hawaiian identity and culture.  In this regard, their work to help Native Hawaiians is indisputable.  Likewise, in an environment that threatens the very existence of Native Hawaiians and their cultural values and practices, their work is absolutely critical!  Thus, I will do the best that I can to assure their continuing existence, to be strategically thoughtful to the needs of our people, to be steadfast and resilient in advocating for policies that strengthen the rights, customs and practices of our people, and to support the staff and proudly boast of their accomplishments.

  • Sunshine Topping

    Vice President – Human Resources

    Hawaiian Telcom


    I joined the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation board because I am passionate about everything that makes Hawaiʻi the incredible place that it is.  Whether it is for our rich cultural traditions and heritage, our dramatic beauty, or our people, there is no question about our relevance and our significance in today’s world.  My perspectives are from many angles, I am raised in Keaukaha and taught by greats like Auntie Edith Kanakaole.  I am college educated on the mainland where I learned about other people, cultures, and places.  I have spent most of my adulthood working in a human resources capacity, and dedicating myself and my efforts to seeing that there are opportunities to grow our people’s capacity and to be able to help manage and guide business decisions that are rooted in who we are and how we do things.  I believe that serving on the board would be an honor for me, and a way to help preserve the core of this place that is so much a part of me.


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