• 2018 Donors

    Mahalo nui to all of our supporters:

    Jodene Arakaki  
    Becky Ashizawa  
    John Bolden In Memory of Attorney Robert (Gil) Johnston - To Dr. Robert Ben Johnston & Family, Dear Ben, Leisa, MacCregor and Finley I am sorry for your lost. Laura and I will keep you in our prayers during this difficult time, John & Laura
    Germaine Bush In Honor of Sharla A. Manley, Esq.
    Roy Catalani  
    Linda Colburn  
    Sharon Coleman In Memory of Prof. Gil Johnston - Iain - I am certain that you embody the intelligence and integrity of your father. I know that he must have had great pride in your career and in you. As we all are learning, losing a parent is so difficult but part of the circle. At least we were able to have them for a long time. Wishing you peace, Sharon and Wheeler Coleman.
    Linda L. Derendinger In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston
    Gary Dilfer In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston
    Mark Doherty In Memory of Robert "Gil" Johnston
    Dolores Furtado Martin Foundation  
    Steven & Mary Fannin In Memory of Gil Johnston
    Byron Fujieda  
    Christian Gainsley  
    Rosemary Galli In Memory of Robert "Gil" Johnston - One of your founders I believe. A great champion of indigenous land rights. Long may he be remembered. A wonderful important cause! Long may you continue to fight for your rights.......
    David F. Hamilton and Inge M. Van Der Cruysse In Memory of Gil Johnston - To the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation - Enclosed is a gift in memory of Gil Johnston, who was the father of our friend, Iain Johnston.
    Jean A. Iida  
    Clayton Ikei In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston - To Jane Johnston, In Honor of Gil's commitment to Native Hawaiians
    Iain Johnston In Memory and Honor of Gil Johnston
    Jane Johnston In Memory of Gil Johnston
    Robert Benjamin Johnston In Memory and Honor of Gil Johnston
    Nancy Jones  
    Albert Kalin  
    Kapua Keliikoa-Kamai In Honor of Meleana and Kaleookalani Kamai
    Sabra Kauka  
    Marilyn Leimomi Khan  
    William Kilpatrick In Memory of Robert "Gil" Johnston on behalf of Christie Clinic Convenient Care, Champaign IL 61822 - Dr. Johnston, at your request, we have submitted a donation memorial in your father's name to the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation
    Winona E. Kukona  
    Ian Lind In Honor of Robert Gilbert Johnston
    Gina Lobaco  
    Sharla A. Manley  
    Lee A. Miller  
    Alan T. Murakami  
    Makalika Naholowaa  
    Gary T. Nakano  
    Mary & Dean Pigao & `Ohana - kids: Ashton, Tasha, Whitney and Drewann In Memory of Gil Johnston
    Stephen Pirages In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston - To Honorable Iain D. Johnston, With deepest sympathies from the Court Security Officers of the U. S. Courthouse in Rockford, IL
    Patrick C. Racey & Sheila M. Murphy In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston
    Stacy Rezentes  
    Sally G. Roth In Memory of Robert G. Johnston - To Mrs. Robert G. Johnston, Our deepest sympathy on the loss of your dear husband. Sally and Don Roth
    Shirley Schuetz In Memory of Robert G. Johnston
    Michael P. Seng In Honor of Gil Johnston
    Rita Simpson In Memory of R. Gilbert Johnston - Fondly remembering Gil for his friendship, his wit and his wisdom
    Arthur Spencer In Memory of Herbert & Hazel Nobrega Spencer
    Marilyn Thomas In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston - He often spoke of his time in Hawai`i and the cases he handled. I'm happy to make this donation in his name.
    Ted Tourlentes In Honor of Gil Johnston
    Kevin Vedrine In Memory of Robert Gilbert Johnston
    Edward and Mahealani Wendt  
    Alvin Westcott  
  • 2017 Donors

    Mahalo nui to all of our supporters:

    Rozelle Agag  
    Millie R. Ahloy  
    William & Melva Aila  
    Keola Akana  
    W. Keola Akana Aloha, mahalo for all you do
    Zeoma T. T. Akau  
    Andrew Almquist In Honor of Peter Murakami ~ Happy Birthday, Peter! A donation has been made in your honor to the NHLC! Andy & Ingrid
    Yuklin Aluli  
    Carlos Andrade Moses, for the good work that you folks do. E mau
    Anonymous Donating because of the folks with land on Kauai, but gift is flexible. Mahalo nui loa for your work
    Anonymous through TRUiST  
    Na`alehu Anthony, Paliku Documentary Films  
    Denise Antolini Mahalo nui!
    Haunani Apoliona  
    Becky Ashizawa  
    Leonora & Charles Barclay  
    Robert Barnett  
    Maile & John Bay  
    Melissa & Mark Beavers  
    Catherine Black  
    Helen Blaisdell-Brennan

    In Memory of Richard Kekuni Blaisdell / In Honor of Kekuni Blaisdell; Mahalo from William Blaisdell Brennan

    Ted Kawahinehelelani Blake  
    Colin Brede  
    Sherry P. Broder  
    H. David Burge, Jr.  
    Puaena F. Burgess Mahalo. Pua B
    George & Jayne Burns  
    The Cades Foundation  
    Steven & Carol-Louise Carper  
    Roy Catalani  
    Central Pacific Bank  
    Cecelia C. Y. Chang  
    Matthew Chapman  
    Johanna Chock-Tam  
    Bradley Chong  
    Paula Chong  
    Choo, Osada & Lee, CPAs, Inc.  
    `Ihilani Chu In Loving Memory of Norman Kamuela Chu & Kimiko Chu
    Catherine & Lowell Chun-Hoon  
    Raeanne Cobb-Adams  
    Kevin N. Cockett  
    Daniel Colome Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina I ka Pono
    Irene M. Cordeiro-Vierra  
    Robert M. Crozier  
    Brian Cummings  
    Yvonne and Jacinth De Luz, Jr.  
    Dolores Furtado Martin Foundation  
    William Domingo  
    John Echohawk  
    Ernestine Enomoto  
    Martha Evans In Memory of Andrew Edward Evans
    Priscilla J. Falk  
    Dawn AL Farm-Ramsey  
    William J. Fernandez  
    Donald Fisher  
    Leimomi & Scott Fisher Love you guys!
    Joseph P. Florendo, Jr.  
    William Keoni Fox In Memory of Alfred Kalama Kahakua
    Gaynell M. Fuchs  
    Stephen Gomes In Memory of Julia Malia Gomes
    Alexandra Gomez  
    Arthur K. Goto  
    Paula Guanzon  
    James & Sherie Gusukuma  
    Heidi Guth  
    Moses K. N. Haia, III  
    Thomas A. Haia In Memory of Moses K. N. Haia, Jr. & Gertrude Thomas Haia
    Dora & Jim Hamilton In Memory of Michael Mason
    Elizabeth K. Han  
    Sharleen & Arthur Heanu `Ohana  
    Judge Walter M. Heen  
    Mikahala & Guy Helm Kako`o mai Maui...
    Eden Elizabeth Hifo  
    Derick Higa  
    Roy Higa  
    Robert & Pearl Hill  
    Alexis & Hiram Ho  
    Karen Holt  
    Lea Hong  
    Patricia & Michael Ikeda  
    Sunny J. Inn  
    Ironworkers Union Local 625  
    Ron Jarrett, KaiHonua  
    Lucinda "Cindi" John  
    Timothy E. Johns  
    Phil Johnson  
    R. Gil Johnston  
    Nancy Jones  
    Michael Joven  
    Isaiah "Ike" K. Kaaihue, Jr.  
    Bonita Chang & Kyle Kajihiro  
    Kalihi Palama Hawaiian Civic Club  
    David Kamai  
    Kamehameha Schools  
    Le'a Kanehe  
    Tomie Kaniho  
    D. Pi`ilani Kaopuiki  
    Eric Kapono  
    Leatrice M. Kauahi  
    Sabra Kauka To support your Kuleana Land and Quiet Title work. Mahalo piha no kou kokua! Thank you, we are so grateful for your help!
    A.E. Kaulia, PhD  
    Suzanne R. Kaulukukui  
    Robin & Sally Kaye Aloha all @ NHLC - Mahalo for all you do for Hawaii. Keep it up! Aloha
    Kapua Keliikoa-Kamai In Honor of Meleana and Kaleookalani Kamai
    Christopher Gerard Kelly  
    Mike Kennedy  
    Marilyn Leimomi Khan  
    Lei Kihoi Great Newsletter - Mahalo for all you do Moses, Aloha
    Colin C. Kippen  
    Doreen & Ronald Kodani  
    Paul Kosasa, ABC Stores  
    Benjamin A. Kudo  
    Winona E. Kukona  
    Corinna Kunipo Dedicated to the online download of the Native Hawaiian Law:  A Treatise Handbook
    Lanaians for Sensible Growth  
    Guye & Annette Lee  
    Keith A. Lee  
    Casey Leigh  
    Stephen Lewis  
    Ian Lind  
    Lita's Lei and Flower Shoppe  
    Gina Lobaco  
    David Louie  
    Howard K. K. Luke  
    Arron Luo Dedication: Solidarity
    Trustee Colette Y. Machado  
    Melody MacKenzie  
    Susan P. Malterre-Htun Mahalo for all the work that you do for our community. Mele Kalikimaka!
    Erma K. Mariano  
    Diane M. L. Mark  
    Jon Matsuoka  
    Rachal Matthies  
    Ursula Matzen  
    Lynn Matusow  
    Patricia Mau-Shimizu  
    B S McEwen  
    Pat McManaman  
    Ron McOmber  
    Heidi A. Meeker  
    Robert Merce  
    Maile Meyer & Michael Broderick Keep it going - Mahalo
    Lee Miller  
    Katrina Mora  
    Sharon & Harold Moraes  
    Albert & Julia Morita  
    Alan T. Murakami  
    Clara & Wilfred Naho`oikaika  
    Gary T. Nakano  
    Julia M. Neumann  
    Sheryl L. Nicholson  
    Linda & Gordon Oamilda  
    Ashley Obrey  
    Steve & Ronette Obrey, Paulele Equipment  
    Carleen S. Ornellas  
    Lisa C. Oshiro Suganuma  
    Ruth Otake  
    Lynette K. Paglinawan  
    Charles Palakiko  
    Sharon Paulo In Memory of Jonathan Kanemehalona Kanae, Sr.
    Judith Pavey  
    Robert N. E. Piper Thank you Moses for all that you do for all of us!
    Deborah A. Pope  
    Queen's Health Systems  
    Loko`olu Quintero  
    Mary Rajkowski  
    Stanley Kiope Raymond  
    Patricia Robb  
    Ralph Rosenberg, Ralph Rosenberg Court Reporters  
    Frank Rothschild  
    Servpac, Inc.  
    Laura & Frank Smith  
    Aviam Soifer In Honor of Melody MacKenzie. With great admiration and gratitude. Avi
    Barbara Soma In Honor of Sharla Manley. For your good work with the Native Hawaiian cause. You have made me understand your belief and stand, your good work has not gone unnoticed. Maraming Slamat Po, Blessings to you!!!
    Roland J. Souza  
    Vincent C. Souza, Puppet Boy Entertainment  
    Arthur Spencer In Memory of Herbert & Hazel Nobrega Spencer
    Andrew Sprenger & Cindy Kagiwada  
    John Squires, WDI Companies, Inc.  
    Oswald K. Stender  
    Carole S. Suganuma  
    Raynette "Sugi" Suganuma-Carlson  
    Juana A. Tabali-Weir  
    Jan M. Tamura  
    Maiden Temple & William B. Ludwick  
    Laura Thompson  
    Sarah Thompson  
    Teresa Tico  
    Brandy Toelupe, Tilden Toelupe, LLC  
    Tzo'-Nah, The Tzo'-Nah Fund I am excited that this past year has been successful. Wishing you and the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation continued success.
    Patrick Uchigakiuchi  
    Trenton Wailehua, Unlimited Tax Services   
    Edward Wendt  
    Alvin Westcott  
    Lance Wilhelm, The Wilhelm Group  
    Wayne K. Williams  
    Arline Wilson  
    Denise Wong  
    Eric Yamamoto  
    Ian K. P. Yee  
    Calvin Young  
  • 2016 Donors

    Mahalo nui to all of our supporters:

    Rozelle Agag  
    Nancy Aleck  
    Andrew Almquist In honor of Peter Murakami's birthday, Happy Natal Day, Peter
    Yuklin Aluli  
    Anonymous through the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative A rare endemic Hawaiian Koa Legacy Tree was sponsored and planted by this patron and a donation was given as part of the tree planting.
    Anonymous through TRUiST  
    Anonymous Mahalo for your important work.
    Denise Antolini  
    Carl and Becky Ashizawa  
    Charles and Leonora Barclay  
    Maile and John Bay  
    Keola and Moana Beamer Mahalo nui for your great work!
    Delilah Belt  
    Big Island Candies  
    John and Gladys Brede  
    David Burge  
    Matthew Chapman  
    Paula Chong In memory of Dorothy Kamakaokalehua Passos
    Stefanie Momi Chong-Kuma  
    Kevin Cockett  
    Irene M. Cordeiro-Vierra  
    David Cruz With gratitude to Sharla Manley for her work
    Brian Cummings  
    Beadie Kanahele Dawson  
    Lynn P. DeCoite  
    Michael and Nani DeMottta  
    DTL, LLC  
    Todd Eddins  
    Priscilla J. Falk and Carol-Louise Carper  
    William Fernandez  
    Finance Factors Foundation  
    Lyn Flanigan  
    Gaynell Fuchs  
    Christian Gainsley  
    Daniel Gluck  
    Stephen Gomes  
    Arthur K. Goto and Bow Chu  
    Sherie and James Gusukuma  
    Heidi Guth Mahalo nui for ALL of your amazing work!
    Lynn & Moses Haia  
    Carolyn Pi`ilani Hanohano  
    Hawaiian Electric Company  
    Walter Heen  
    Mikahala Helm  
    Eden Elizabeth Hifo  
    Karen M. Holt  
    Lea Hong  
    Patricia and Michael Ikeda  
    Sunny J. Inn  
    Gilbert Johnston  
    Nancy Walsh Jones  
    Charles M. Kaaiai  
    Malia Ka`aihue  
    Nalani and James Kaina  
    Albert Kalin and Hiltrud Kalin-Munch  
    Diane Kaneali`i  
    Le`a Kanehe  
    Tomie Kaniho  
    D. Pi`ilani Kaopuiki  
    Eric Kapono  
    Sabra L. Kauka  
    Robin and Sally Kaye Keep doing all the good work you all do!
    Chass Keka Dedicated to preserving ancestral lands. Just wanted to say "Mahalo nui loa...
    Dawn Keka and the Keka `Ohana Dedicated to preserving ancestral lands. Mahalo for all you do!
    Lei Keka Dedicated to help preserve ancestral lands. Mahalo nui loa for such an awesome job you are all doing for Native Hawaiian people. We are all so grateful to have you. Malama pono . . . Aloha
    Liko Keka Dedicated to preserving ancestral lands. Much mahalo for all you do to help the `ohana
    Sierra Keka and the Keka `Ohana Dedicated to preserving ancestral lands
    Tori Keka Dedicated to preserving ancestral lands. Mahalo nui loa
    Marilyn Leimomi Khan  
    E. Leina`ala Kihoi  
    Winona E. Kukona  
    Joe Kuhio Lewis  
    Ian Lind  
    Michael and Arlynna Livingston  
    Gina Lobaco  
    Bronson Pono Lopez  
    Howard K. K. Luke  
    Melody MacKenzie  
    Erma Kanani Mariano  
    Lynne Matusow  
    Patricia Mau-Shimizu  
    Ron McOmber  
    Robert Merce  
    Geoffrey and Lehua Ii-Michaelson Fund of the Hawai`i Community Foundation  
    Albert Morita  
    John Mumford and `Ohana  
    Alan T. Murakami  
    Carol Muranaka and Henry O'Neill  
    Wilfred Naho`oikaika  
    Gary T. Nakano  
    Anita Naone  
    Richard "Dickie" Nelson, III  
    Julia and Jerry Neumann  
    Linda and Gordon Oamilda  
    Ashley Obrey  
    Charles Palakiko  
    Sharon Paulo In memory of Jonathan Kanemehalona Kanae, Sr.
    Wallette G. Pellegrino  
    Tom Pierce, Attorney At Law, LLLC  
    Anthony F. Quan  
    Queen's Health Systems  
    Ki`ope Raymond  
    Laura Sanders Donated By: Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association
    Laura and Frank Smith  
    Aviam Soifer In honor of Melody MacKenzie ~ "Keep on keeping on!"
    Melvin Soong  
    Makani Speier-Brito  
    Arthur Spencer In memory of Herbert & Hazel Nobrega Spencer
    Alexander Hardy Spoehr  
    John Squires  
    Oswald Stender  
    Carole S. Suganuma  
    Juana A. Tabali-Weir  
    Sarah Thompson  
    Teresa Tico  
    Tzo' Nah  
    Louis H. Ventura  
    Harold Barry Vasios In honor of Summer Sylva
    Barbara and Charles Von Arnswaldt  
    Richard Y. Wada  
    Trenton Wailehua  
    Alvin Westcott  
    Wayne K. Williams  
    Colleen I. Wong  
    Nicole K. Wright  
    Eric Yamamoto  
    Calvin Young  
    Ian Yee  
    Bryant Zane  
  • Past Donors

    Michelle D. Acosta In Memory of Lorraine Acosta
    John Aeto  
    Millie Ahloy  
    William & Melva Aila  
    Airport Lei Sellers Association  
    Keola Akana  
    Wayne Keola Akana  
    Julian Ako  
    Malia Akutagawa  
    Liberta Albao In Honor of Alan Murakami
    Nancy Aleck In Memory of Chuck Frankel
    Linda Alicea  
    Yuklin Aluli  
    Georgiana Alvaro  
    Rodney C. Amian  
    Carlos Andrade  
    Anonymous In Memory of Robert Paul Dye
    Anonymous On Behalf of Kauai
    Anonymous On Behalf of Kauai
    Anonymous For Sharla Manley
    Anonymous Dedicated to Nahoa Canoe Club
    Anonymous On behalf of the Panaewa Community
    Anonymous Dedicated to Laulani Teale in Honor of her birthday
    Na`alehu Anthony  
    Becky & Carl Ashizawa In Memory of Sue Honma, In Memory of Uncle Sonny Kaniho, Aunty Irene Torry & Uncle Jimmy Akiona
    Joanie Bagood On behalf of those who care for Mokauea Island (past & present)
    Charles & Leonora Barclay  
    Rob Barnett In Honor of Kauila Kopper, the greatest supervising attorney!
    John & Maile Bay Mahalo a nui!
    Mark & Missy Beavers In Honor of NHLC
    Carl Berger & Maria Cocchiarelli-Berger  
    Mona Bernardino  
    Richard Bidgen  
    Big Island Candies, Inc.  
    Big Island Delights, Inc.  
    Anderson & Shiela Black  
    Beryl B. Blaich In Memory of Gary L. Blaich, M.D.
    Tricia Blenis  
    Body Mint  
    Adeline T. Brash In Memory of Sarah Kahikina Teixeira
    Jyo Bridgewater-Borg  
    Leimomi Brigoli  
    Sherry P. Broder  
    Michael Broderick & Maile Meyer  
    David Burge  
    Puanani Burgess On Behalf of My Family
    Edmund Burke  
    Catherine Butler  
    Fred Cachola In Honor of Kupaainalua & Halulukamanaoualanipili
    Dayne-Raynard, Kennedy & Annika Carlson  
    Carol-Louise & Steve Carper In Memory of Uncle Jimmy Akiona and Charles Aipia
    Roy Catalani  
    Central Pacific Bank  
    Chaminade University  
    Bonita Chang & Kyle Kajihiro  
    Catherine Chang In Honor of Melody MacKenzie
    Dawn Chang Ho`okano Family Land Trust
    Matthew & Nicole Chapman  
    Anna Chavez & Eugene Eidenberg In Honor of the people of Kaua'i, protecting sacred grounds of Native Hawaiian sites, culture and environmental health for all
    Lynn Ching  
    Wehilani Ching  
    Bradley Chong  
    Paula Chong In Honor of Dorothy Kamakaokalehua Passos
    Stefanie Chong-Kuma  
    Choo Osada & Lee  
    `Ihilani Chu In Loving Memory of Norman Kamuela Chu and Kimiko Chu
    Catherine & Lowell Chun-Hoon Dedicated to Melody MacKenzie
    Daniel & Wendy Coats  
    Raeanne Cobb-Adams  
    Kevin Cockett  
    Doug Codiga  
    Irene Mokihana Cordeiro-Vierra Mahalo for your good works!! God Bless you all!
    David Cruz  
    Lori & Russell Cruz  
    Brian Cummings  
    Gerald L. Danforth, Sr.  
    Elizabeth Daoang  
    Jacinth & Yvonne DeLuz  
    Tara M. Deponte  
    Keala Dolor-Tripp In Memory of Martha Mileka Kahanu Iwanaga
    Dolores & Furtado Martin Foundation In Memory of Ernest "Juggie" Heen
    Duane & Beverly Donovan  
    Lincoln Drake  
    Jonathan Durrett  
    Thomas Dye In Memory of Robert Paul Dye, In Memory of Dr. Marc Gregory
    John Echohawk Moses ~ Thanks for all of your help!
    Keala Ede  
    Roger Ede  
    Ernestine Enomoto  
    Martha & Andrew Evans  
    Priscilla Falk  
    Dawn Farm-Ramsey In Honor of My Mother
    William Fernandez  
    Finance Factors Foundation  
    Alice D. Fisher  
    Lyn Flanigan  
    Pearl Ling & Jeff Fleener  
    Joe Florendo, Jr.  
    Larry Foster  
    William Keoni Fox Mahalo to Kimo Frankel on Behalf of the Keanu 'Ohana
    David Kimo Frankel  
    Friends of Maile Shimabukuro  
    Gaynell Fuchs  
    Jean Fukuji  
    Ede A. K. Fukumoto  
    Joseph & Shellene Gilman  
    Butch Gima On Behalf of Lanaians for Sensible Growth
    Daniel Gluck  
    Maggie, Ikaika & Bishop Gomes In Memory of Julia Malia Gomes
    Stephen, Maylyn & Makana Gomes In Memory of Julia Malia Gomes and her Hawaiian Heart
    Teresa M. Gomes In Memory of Julia Gomes
    Dixie Ann Goo  
    Arthur Goto  
    Sunny Greer In Memory of Papa Henry Allen Auwae
    Ariela Gross In Honor of Sharla Manley
    Paula Guanzon  
    Heidi Guth  
    Sherie & James Gusukuma  
    Barbara Haia  
    Courtney Lee Haia  
    Moses & Lynn Haia  
    Thomas Haia & Family In Memory of Moses K. N. Haia, Jr and Gertrude T. Haia
    Dana Naone Hall  
    James & Dora Hamilton In loving Memory of Mike Mason
    Elizabeth Han  
    Amy Hanaiali`i  
    Dona Hanaike  
    Carlton Handley  
    Maggie Hanohano  
    William Harrison, Esq.  
    Brook Hart  
    Hawaii Community Stewardship Network  
    Hawaiian Organics  
    Sharleen K. Heanu and `Ohana  
    Nancy Hedlund In Memory of Aunty Beatrice Kekahuna
    Judge Walter Heen  
    Mikahala Helm  
    Raiatea Helm  
    Hempey & Meyers, LLP  
    David Henkin In Honor of Kimo Frankel's 50th Birthday
    Eden Elizabeth Hifo  
    Robert E. & Pearl Y. Moenahele-Hill  
    Alexis & Hiram Ho  
    Karen Holt  
    Lea Hong  
    William Hoshijo  
    Charlene Huffman  
    Bertha Huihui  
    Anni Huynh  
    Flora Lehua Ii-Michaelson  
    Mitchell Imanaka  
    Sharon Inada  
    Louise Ing  
    Cindi John  
    Timothy Johns  
    Phil Johnson  
    Robert Gilbert Johnston  
    Tania Joao  
    Jonathan Starr Foundation  
    Alohalani L. Jones  
    Nancy Walsh Jones In Honor of all the Hawaiian Homes Benificiaries who continue to wait for lots
    Thelma Ka'ahui In Memory of Abraham Ka`ahui
    Charles Ka'ai'ai  
    Malia Ka`aihue, Na Kama Kai  
    Kainani Kahaunaele, Mahuahua Music, LLC  
    Eunice Ishiki-Kalahele  
    Camille Kalama  
    Walea Kalama  
    Paulette Ka`anohiokalani Kaleikini  
    David I. Kamai  
    Winona Kamai In Memory of Moses Haia, Jr. and Gertrude Haia
    Lori Kanaeholo  
    Walter Kaneakua  
    Le`a Malia Kanehe  
    Tomie Kaniho In Memory of Sonny A. Kaniho
    D. Pi`ilani Kaopuiki  
    Eric Kapono  
    RaeDeen Karasuda  
    Sabra L. Kauka In Memory of Kai`opua Fyfe, In Honor of Alan Murakami
    Guy Kaulukukui  
    Kaumana Hawaiian Homes Community Association  
    Arnold & Sandra Kawano  
    Jamae Kawauchi  
    Robin & Sally Kaye  
    Keaukaha Community Association  
    Keaukaha Pana`ewa Farms  
    Keawe Adventures  
    Christopher Kelly In Honor of your lawyer Summer Sylva, with whom I had the pleasure of working at Holland & Knight
    Marilyn Leimomi Khan  
    E. Leina`ala Kihoi  
    Robert Klein On Behalf of Klein Ohana
    Gladys Kotaki  
    Ward & Karen Kotaki  
    Kris & Lisa Kristofferson  
    Helene Kuaana  
    Marty Kuala  
    Winona Kukona  
    Adele & Wayde Lee  
    Carol Mon Lee  
    Guye Lee  
    Keith & Brenda Lee  
    Terence Lee  
    Robert LeClair  
    Ian Lind  
    Michael Livingston  
    Gina L. Lobaco In Honor of Bob Merce & Teri Tico, In Honor of Becky Ashizawa
    Sarah Love  
    Rhona-Joy Lubomirski  
    Paula F. N. Lucas  
    Howard Luke  
    Iwalani Lum  
    Harvey Lung  
    Melody MacKenzie In Honor of Alan Murakami & his 30 years of service at NHLC! To the wonderful staff of NHLC!  Mahalo for your extraordinary work on behalf of our people!
    Joseph H. Mahoe  
    Kepa & Onaona Maly  
    Susan Malterre-Htun  
    Sharla Manley  
    Marvin Manuel  
    Diane Mark  
    Ernest Martin, Kukulu Pono, LLC  
    Martha Martin  
    Louise Mata  
    Edwin & Lucy Matsuda In Honor of Grantors of Kahanu Garden
    Lynn Matusow  
    Patricia Mau-Shimizu  
    BS McEwen  
    Kawika McKeague In Memory of Kaho`onei Panoke
    Pat McManaman  
    Ron McOmber In Memory of Phyllis McOmber
    Heidi Anna Meeker  
    Bob & Marian Merce  
    Maile Meyer In Honor of Noa Webster Aluli and his children and grandchildren
    Meleanna Meyer  
    Jamee Miller  
    Lee Miller  
    Bernadette “Gigi” Miranda Dedicated to Laulani Teale.  In Honor of her birthday
    Charles and Martha Mizner  
    Steve Moore  
    Leimomi Morgan  
    Albert Morita  
    Mountain Apple Company  
    Laura & Jerry Mueller  
    John & Christine Mumford, Mumford Lana`i, LLC  
    Alan Murakami  
    Carol Muranaka  
    Devon Myers On Behalf of Devon Myers & Stephen Liu
    Stephanie Nagata  
    Alapaki Nahale-a  
    Wilfred N. Naho`oikaika  
    Li`ula Nakama  
    Beverly Nakamoto  
    Julia M. Neumann  
    Robert Nip  
    Keola Nunies  
    Linda & Gordon Oamilda  
    Ashley K. Obrey  
    Stephen Obrey  
    Everett Ohta  
    Anthony Ornellas  
    Carleen Ornellas For my grandchildren who have to live on the continent for now
    Kale Ornellas  
    Kanoe Ornellas  
    Kino & Tara Ornellas  
    Leighton Oshima  
    Leighton K. Osorio  
    Mary C. Osorio  
    Lynette K. Paglinawan In Memory of Richard Paglinawan
    Charles Palakiko  
    Pana`ewa Community Alliance  
    Denis Paquette  
    Paulele Equipment, LLC  
    Judy Pavey  
    Richard Pechner  
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    Jodi Pestello On Behalf of Trenton Wailehua
    Pi`ihonua Hawaiian Homestead  
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    Stanley Ki`ope Raymond  
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    Raynette Suganuma-Carlson In Memory of Raymond and Maria K . Suganuma, In Honor of Moses K. N. Haia, Alan T. Murakami, Becky Ashizawa, and all NHLC Staff
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