The mission of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (NHLC) is to perpetuate, through legal and other advocacy, the rights, customs and practices that strengthen Native Hawaiian identity and culture.

NHLC carries out its mission by integrating native values into the practice of western law and jurisprudence.


Our Vision

A just Hawai'i, guided by Hawaiian values, customs and ways of knowing.


Our Guiding Principles


     MAOLI OLA is essential to our work. NHLC will engage in various huaka'i to establish meaningful relationships with clients and the Native Hawaiian community.


     LAULIMA is essential to NHLC's success. Our work is team-based.


     We are NĀ KOA, the warriors on the front-line. NHLC will fearlessly and passionately fight for justice for Native Hawaiians.


     We have a 44-year history of being STEADFAST for Hawaiian rights. The NHLC 'ohana is resolute and uncompromising in continuing this tradition.


     Our work is our KULEANA. NHLC will carry out its responsibilities with a deep sense of commitment and care.


     Our organization is an 'OHANA. NHLC will provide her employees the necessary support and resources necessary to carry out their duties.


     We MĀLAMA our communities. In volunteering as an organization for our community projects consistent with our mission, we are preserving and protecting our rights and culture and are also caring for our people.














NHLC 'ohana volunteering on Kaho'olawe

NHLC 'ohana volunteering on Kaho'olawe in November 2014