Our Work

Our work ensures that Native Hawaiians can maintain their integrity and their values as an independent native people. Going to court, though only one means of engaging in that pursuit, is how NHLC strives to achieve that vision.

We focus on helping Native Hawaiians to navigate, and prevail in, the legal system. Although this system is often hostile to Native Hawaiian values, it has shown great promise in restoring justice.

Learn more about how NHLC represents Hawai`i’s indigenous people in their quest to preserve their traditional lifestyle and to exert meaningful control over their resources and their future.

“The legal system has been historically used to oppress and dispossess Hawaiians and so Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation is about changing that very sad history.”

Mahealani Wendt-former executive director

“At its core, the work of NHLC seeks to protect and perpetuate the Native Hawaiian identity, the very essence of Hawai`i.”

Moses Haia, Executive Director





















Your donation will enable the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation to provide effective, low cost legal assistance to individuals, families and communities who seek to protect their traditional cultural practices and maintain their ancestral ties to their lands and natural resources.


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