NHLC’s current case load continues to build on the significant decisions handed down in the past. We are currently working on:

Stopping the Loss of Ancestral Lands by...

  • Defending against an adverse possession claim on two parcels of land in Molokai
  • Defending against an adverse possession claim on a parcel of land in Maui

Mending Broken Promises to Hawaiians by...

  • Contesting the State’s failure to provide any funds to support the operations of the Department of Hawaiian Homelands (Nelson v. HHCA)
  • Ensuring that the Department of Hawaiian Homelands provides adequate infrastructure, mainly water, to homesteaders (Honokaia ‘Ohana v. Park)

Looking to the past to fight for the future of Hawaiians by...

  • Fighting for the revitalization of streams in East Maui to support taro cultivation and traditional and customary subsistence practices
  • Remedying the harm done to historic sites in Koloa, Kauai, including a historic trail, Hapa Trail (Blake v. County of Kauai Planning Department)
  • Challenging a permit application to allow for an advanced technology telescope on the summit of Haleakala, a place of spiritual and cultural significance to Native Hawaiians, on behalf of Kilakila o Haleakaka


This is a selection of our current docket. For more information about our work, please contact us to sign up for our newsletter.